How This 23-Year-Old Used Tumblr To Land A Book Deal

This post originally appears on BusinessInsider.com here: http://www.businessinsider.com/gaby-dunn-100-interviews-internet-fame-2011-11

Gaby Dunn made all the right moves. She went to school for journalism and beefed up her resume and portfolio by writing for various news outlets, but when it came time for her graduation in 2009, the economy had tanked and so had the news industry — both of which now sit mostly in the same purgatory as they did then.

Dunn, like so many others in her cohort, took a job that wasn’t quite in line with her career goals. She missed telling stories, and decided that if the news world didn’t quite have room for her to share sources’ stories, she’d do it on her own. And so 100 Interviews came to be.

Last October, Dunn set out to interview 100 different kinds of people — ranging from a one-hit wonder to a woman who pickets abortion clinics — in the span of a year. She set out to offer up their stories to the world on a blog hosted by Tumblr, and now, Dunn is fresh off the project and (at just 23 years old) is poised to sign a book deal.

Thanks to an interesting idea, a self-identified lack of inhibitions, and a whole lot of self-promotion, Dunn says she’s changed the trajectory of her life and career — and she likes it that way.

Here’s how she did it.

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