Personal Brand Workbook

Personal Brand Workbook

Today, we begin Phase 2 of the class – this is where you’re forced to document those things you’re supposed to have been thinking about yourself. Last year’s class received the PWC Branding eBook, but your class will be one of the first to use the new PWC Personal Branding Workbook and Master Plan.

For class today, we will go through the Workbook, in detail, so you can spend this week (and next) working on it. Wednesday, I will give you the Master Plan – but you NEED to have completed your Workbook to even be able to fill out your eventual Master Plan.

I realize that Spring Break is next week. Coincidentally, this gives you a perfect chance to consider all of this before you do something stupid while on break.

Here’s a PDF of the Workbook. Download it and follow-along while documenting answers to each section separately, or print it out – if you need to – and simply write your answers to each section right on the Workbook itself.

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