Required Readings

1. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why.

ISBN-10: 055338371X, ISBN-13: 978-0553383713 Find it on Amazon

Optional Readings

1. The Start-up of You by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha

Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself and Transform Your Career

ISBN-10: 0307888908, ISBN-13: 978-0307888907 Find it on Amazon


2. Me 2.0, Revised and Updated Edition by Dan Schawbel

4 Steps to Building Your Future

ISBN-10: 1607147122, ISBN-13: 978-1607147121 Find it on Amazon

Me Revised and Updated

3. The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi

Copywriting in a new media and marketing era.

ISBN-10: 0230613888, ISBN-13: 978-0230613881 Find it on Amazon

The Idea Writers_cover

4. Engage! by Brian Solis

The complete guide for brands and businesses to build, cultivate and measure success in the New Web.

ISBN-10: 1118003764, ISBN-13: 978-1118003763 Find it on Amazon


5. Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

The world’s most popular emotional intelligence test.

ISBN-10: 0974320625, ISBN-13: 978-0974320625 Find it on Amazon

Emotional Intelligence_cover

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