Class Slides – Days 3 & 4

Here’s a PDF of the slides used for Days 3 & 4 of The Branding of Me.  Brandingofme Days3-4

These slides include our guest’s slides from last week, Josephine Butler, and her creative resume she referred to when she spoke to us.

Also, here’s a blog post from her about our class:

Last night, I was honored to step back through the doors of Carroll Hall (trust me, she still smells the same) and speak to all of the awesome girls (no boys…get with it guys!) in Gary Kayye’s “Branding of Me” class.  To be honest, I feel a little short-changed.  How come they didn’t offer this when I was still a J-Schooler?

I came to the class to specifically talk about how I was able to use social media to brand myself and ultimately land a job.  Who knew that a simple blog post and a little Facebook conversing could go such a long way?  Such is the world of PR now — social media isn’t just for procrastination anymore!

Even though I was doing a whole lot of talking last night, I learned quite a bit myself from these eager young minds.  Students were all Tweeting away during my presentation (and it’s not only allowed….It’s ENCOURAGED in this class).  Their savvy use of social media (linking and “@ing” folks and staying relevant) is something that will put each and every single one of these gals ahead of the game when they finally do go looking for jobs.  They’re creating a brand for themselves, and isn’t, after all, the most important product you’ll ever promote yourself?

Josephine Butler ’09


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  1. The Last Lecture stays with me and I’m wondering, “Am I making every moment count? Do I count my blessings every day? Will I make this day better for someone else?” Thanks for making us think such deep thoughts, Gary!

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