The Branding Project

It’s time for some guidelines on your semester-long project. However, I get into specifics, I think it’s a good idea for me to explain a few things so that you understand exactly where we’re going with this journey, why we’re going there and what’s in it for you!

It’s all about you: Fact is, this project is really a means to an end – creating the ultimate interactive, mind-blowing resume! You see, thousands (literally, thousands) of people are going to graduate with you right here in Chapel Hill next Spring. And, just about all of them will have a CV or a resume. It’ll be packed with all sorts of fancy, newfangled words and phrases that will make them sound smart and ready for the so-called “real-world”. But, truth is, they won’t be.

You will!

Our project is not just an end – This project is all about the means to the end. It’s about the journey to discover your passion and then turn that into action. This project is designed to be your opportunity to be in the top-16 of UNC graduates next May. Simply put: this will be your ticket to your future.

The devils NOT in the details: I am not looking for a project with all sorts of words – words that cover all the “points” or essays that “hit the nail on the head”. I want YOU. Your project should be a journey that doesn’t end but one that does explore where you want to go. It should take chances, go outside your comfort zone and be spontaneous and surprising – not just for me, but for you too. I am not looking for a clear, concise, detailed essay. I want to find out who you are. Moreover, I want you to use this as an opportunity to find out who you are.

Fun, Fun, Fun: This project’s gotta be fun! Anything that’s not fun, sucks.

However, I know and understand the need for some direction. So, in the interest of getting you motivated and thinking, here you go – here’s what I want you all to send to me by Sunday (September 12) at Noon.

What I want:

A detailed description of how you want to promote/brand yourself and, ideally, what you want to achieve (although not required, yet). Also include the reasons why you are picking this plan.

  • Example 1: You want to establish yourself as an entertaining, opinionated, but informed sports commentator in the world of NBA basketball, with a specific focus on the Charlotte Bobcats. Your final goal is to obtain full time employment working in this area, from a larger blog, news outlet, or the Bobcats themselves.
  • Example 2: You want to establish yourself as an expert in personal finance for the college and 20-something set, with the goal of being self-employed and supporting yourself through speaking, writing, consulting, products, etc. related to this expertise.

The tools you plan to use (e.g., YouTube channel, podcasting, blog, Twitter, Facebook page, freelance writing, website, live internet radio show, etc.)

How you plan to promote yourself and your new blog/Twitter feed/podcast (in general terms)

A detailed timeline with deadlines and goals (this one is important as we need to set out to have accomplished something or started to successfully brand ourselves as an expert in whatever we have a passion for by the end of the semester).

Finally: The progress of this project and the final presentation on it will comprise the majority of your grade for the semester. It is NOT something you can put off until the last month of the semester. I want you to be working on it several times per week throughout the semester – and, if you picked a passion,  you should want to work on it all the time! The goal of this class is to have you work on an actual project that could potentially get you a job or launch your career. I expect your goals and plans to evolve as you move through the project, but you still must have a launching-pad, which is the purpose of this proposal.

If you have several ideas but aren’t sure which one to pick, please contact me to discuss ASAP.

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