Personal Branding Guide from PwC

We’ll discuss this in more detail in my first Branding of Me class this semester, but here’s a PDF of a free, mostly good advice piece written by a recruiter at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

I think it’s a worthy read and there some sound advice in here [sans maybe the on-line advice].

What you should glean from this is that you don’t start with on-line branding first. We’ll discuss in class the NEED for you to establish who you are (clearly) and who you want to be – and who you want to be PUBLICLY known as. What’s your passion, your expertise, where’s your knowledge, what’s your mission, and much more. To build your brand, it’s got to start with building your own “aura” – something that you live, that’s pervasive around you and something that’s unique to you. Then, you do everything to protect it, exploit it and leverage it.

As you read this, pay careful attention to the “Top 10 Personal Branding Tips for Students” section as you’ve got to start somewhere. Although I disagree with the author in some areas, the basics here are right on. What parts of the top-10 are you doing, what of those are you doing well and what do you need to focus on next? These are all areas we’ll discuss.

Enjoy…Personal Branding eBook

Gary Kayye


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